Electronic Waste (Ewaste) Recycling

Electronic Waste or Ewaste is a popular, informal name for electronic products nearing the end of their “useful life.” Computers, Televisions, VCRs, Mobile Phones, Entertainment devices, Refrigerators, Stereos, Copiers, and Fax machines are common electronic products. Basically, any device that runs on electricity or battery power would fall under this category.

Over the past 30 years, URC has specialised in the processing of complex obsolete scrap such as computers, telex machines, calculators, mobile phones, recording devices, telephone exchanges, decoders, photocopiers, fax machines, console game controllers and all other types of electronic scrap containing metals, plastic and other organic materials.

Obsolete electronic scrap is purchased from a wide variety of sources; large and small computer companies, banks, state departments and defence department, as well as from the private individual cleaning his home or office.

The input material is first put through a 1200 HP shredder which breaks up the material into pieces of up to 130mm and less. The shredding process breaks up the electronic scrap so that the various m aterials can begin to be separated.

Firstly, the dust is suctioned out by air and removed from the system by a cyclone. The waste air is then passed through a Liquicell multi-stage in-line scrubbing system that ensures that only clean air is emitted.

A rotary magnet removes the ferrous fraction, which is sold to steel mills and foundries as raw material.

The non-magnetic fraction is then screened in three sizes and by heavy media, eddy current magnets and water separation tables is separated into inorganics (plastic, wood, paper), the heavy fraction (copper, brass, zinc lead and stainless steel) and the light fraction (Aluminium).

Dumping or disposing of Ewaste irresponsibly is hazardous to the environment as well as your health.

URC will provide the customer with a Certificate of Destruction on request.

URC is a registered Waste Processor!

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